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Mayer metal drawer unit in gray

Mayer metal drawer unit in gray

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The Mayer metal body drawer unit with lock is a great addition to an ergonomic, height-adjustable children's table.


The drawer unit is equipped with 5 wheels. The front 2 support wheels have a mechanical brake. The fifth wheel is part of the lower drawer for its safe opening all the way.


The top drawer is equipped with sliding mini organizer stationery as standard. The bottom drawer is equipped as standard with one mobile compartment/partition that can be detached in 8 positions, dividing the drawer into two parts.


The load capacity of the container is 80 kg (the surface is intended for sitting). It is great for parents to sit next to their child when they need to help with homework. All you have to do is choose the desired seat finish - laminate (two colors are available - maple tone or white) or a foam-poled aqaclean fabric surface, which can be coordinated with the color of the child's chair.

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