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Table Mayer MiniUniq

Table Mayer MiniUniq

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The Mayer MiniUniq differs from the tabletop Uniq by its compact size. It has two separate surfaces - the back surface is fixed and intended for placing a lamp and books. On the other hand, the front part of the table adjusts to a 36-degree angle, which is suitable for drawing or painting.

  • The table top is made of laminate
  • The tabletop is white, some plastic parts are gray (with the option of changing them to green, blue or pink, as they are included in the set)
  • The desk has a pull-out drawer/organizer
  • Desk size: 90 x 69 cm (width x depth), the front part of the table, which is intended for work and is adjustable - 90 x 46 cm, the fixed part 90 x 23 cm.
  • The height of the table is mechanically adjusted from 55 to 78 cm with a screw handle
  • The table has a backpack hook on both sides
  • Table frame - white

An additional table can be completed with a shelf.











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