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Backpack Satch Match

Backpack Satch Match

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Ergonomic backpack for youngsters, 5 - 9 graders, who are between 140 and 180 cm tall. The Satch Match model has a special front compartment where you can put a ball, or helmet.

It is possible to expand the bag capacity by 5 litres (up to 35 litres) if necessary, which makes this bag the most capacious among all Satch backpack models.


30 x 20 x 45 cm

1400 gr

30 + 5 l



The bag's shoulder straps adjust according to the child's height, so the bag grows with the child. An innovative aluminum frame and belly strap transfer the weight of the bag to the pelvis, placing as little strain on the shoulders and back as possible.


Satch Match Backpack:

  • Multiple compartments / pockets, special place for soccer or basketball ball, or helmet
  • An inner pocket for tablet or laptop
  • Space for a bottle (up to 1.5l)
  • The bag is lightweight, with a low center of gravity that prevents the bag from tipping over and a solid bottom to keep it stable on the ground
  • Breathable back padding
  • Padded waist belt, which can also be removed
  • Adjustable chest strap
  • With reflective materials
  • It is possible to buy an additional sports bag, pencil case and other Satch accessories

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