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Bag set Ergobag Cubo Light Set (780 grams)

Bag set Ergobag Cubo Light Set (780 grams)

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25 x 40 x 20 cm

780 gr

19 l


Ergobag Cubo Light Set includes:

  • Ultra-light, ergonomic backpack,
  • sports bag (two separate compartments for shoes and sportswear, with the option of attaching to a backpack),
  • two pencil cases - one full (with 22 items), one empty,
  • 5 removable decorations.

Ergobag Cubo Light backpack

The cubic-shaped (especially popular in Germany) ergonomic backpack is intended for children from 1st to 4th grade, height from 100 to 150 cm .

The bag's shoulder straps adjust according to the child's height, so the bag grows with the child. An innovative aluminum frame and belly strap transfer the weight of the bag to the pelvis, placing as little strain on the shoulders and back as possible.

  • The bag is equipped with a hard bottom to stand firmly on the ground
  • The bag has a low center of gravity, which prevents it from tipping over when the bag is placed on the ground
  • Well-thought-out design of the bag - different compartments for belongings that teach you to organize things; a special place for a lunch-box and a water bottle, separated from the rest of the bag by a waterproof fabric
  • Reflective elements
  • The bag is made of CyclePET, an environmentally friendly fabric made from recycled PET bottles that repels water and is easy to clean.

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