Kā radīt atbilstošu apgaismojumu skolēna rakstāmgaldam

How to create adequate lighting for a student's desk

We often get questions from parents about how to create adequate lighting in the room where the child studies, so that vision is not damaged during studies.

Therefore, we are republishing the expert advice of the Elektrum Energy Efficiency Center on how to create a good learning environment for your child.

  • arrange the workplace in a bright and sunny place. Recommended near a window to make the most of natural light;
  • at the time of study, only the table lighting will not be enough, you must also turn on the room lighting in order not to damage your eyesight;
  • when stopping work at the desk, first turn off the table lamp and then the ceiling lighting, so as not to cause blinding of the eyes;
  • the desk lamp should illuminate the entire table surface, not a separate part of it;
  • right-handed students should place the lamp on the left side, while left-handed students should place it on the right side, so that no shadows are formed when writing;
  • choose a table lamp with an adjustable height, so that you can adjust the desired lighting intensity while doing very precise work;
  • the color of the light in the table lamp is indicated on the bulb package in degrees Kelvin (K). The comfortable "warm or yellow" light (2500-3200 K) will be pleasant for lighting the desk, but "white" light (3200-4000 K) is also suitable, as it is work light that stimulates to work more actively;
  • historically, the desk was lit by a 60W incandescent lamp with a luminous flux of about 700 lumens (lm). On the other hand, now choose an equivalent halogen bulb or a 740 lm energy-efficient bulb or an 800 lm LED bulb.

The article is republished from www.elektrum.lv

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