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Mayer LED lamp

Mayer LED lamp

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Mayer table lamp with USB socket and LED panel for light intensity and color adjustment.

The lamp has adjustable height and tilt, USB output for charging small electronic devices such as mp4 players or mobile phones (power 800 mA).

Supply voltage: 12V (230V mains adapter included)
Power: 9W
Light intensity 150 - 900 lumens - according to the light intensity and color setting
Color temperature: 2700-6500K in five levels; the higher the number, the colder (whiter) the light
Color rendering index (Ra): >80

The lamp does not heat up, does not have a stroboscopic effect, lights up immediately at full power, does not attract insects, does not harm health

  • Bright LED panel with 95% energy savings (energy compared to conventional lamps)
  • 25 setting options (5 intensity levels + 5 color levels)
  • Creates soft natural light
  • High quality electronics
  • Does not contain harmful substances such as mercury
  • Does not emit UV, which causes aging, headaches and eye pain
  • Does not blind, does not attract insects
  • Turns on instantly
  • Last setting memory
  • The controls glow softly in the dark
  • Durable base
  • Variability of lamp height and tilt at all angles
  • The frame is made of aluminum-plastic alloy (ABS) in white
  • Service life 50,000 hours, ie 20 years (calculating 6-7 working hours per day)
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