Kā izvēlēties ergonomisku krēslu skolēnam?

How to choose an ergonomic chair for a student?

First of all, you need to know at which table the child will study, whether at school or at home, and only then can you buy a suitable chair for him.

There are specially designed chairs for adjustable school benches, and for them the depth of the seat and the height of the bench can be changed at the same time. When the seat is lowered, it goes deep, but when raised, it protrudes forward. Therefore, it is possible to perfectly match the height and depth parameters for every child, to change the height of the back of the chair, without adjusting the seat itself. Such chairs also use a simple gas lift (seat height adjustment mechanism), which can be used to adjust the height within 23-27 cm.

It is best to find an ergonomic chair for a student in a set with a bench , because it is possible to fully adjust the child's furniture depending on his interests (drawing, writing, reading), as well as to adapt it to his height and anatomical features.

Nowadays, the design of chairs has developed to such an extent that chairs can also be fitted to an ordinary desk or high table , which cannot be adjusted in height according to the child's height. In this case, the right choice will be an ergonomic chair with a raised gas lift (the maximum height of the chair is then 57 cm). This will ensure that the child sits correctly. The chair should be adjusted to the maximum height and depth so that the child's knees are not pressed by the edge of the seat. It is definitely necessary to buy a footrest - it is needed so that the child's legs are placed horizontally, but the knees are at a right angle.

On the other hand, a universal chair will fit any table. The main thing is to adjust it so that the child's body is positioned correctly depending on his anatomical characteristics. The seat depth of these chairs can be adjusted separately from their height and also the height of the chair back.

What to pay attention to when buying a chair.

● Orthopedic backrest - a special curve in the lower part will support the child's back naturally and prevent him from getting stuck in the chair. The length of the backrest should be up to the shoulder blades, this will allow the muscles to be in tone.

● No handles - if the child has no way to support himself, the back will be kept straight, which will help the muscle corset to develop properly. Together with the low backrest, the possibility of reclining in the chair in the wrong position will be excluded.

● Height adjustment – ​​a simple rule must be followed when sitting: a right angle between the hip and lower leg. It is good if the chair has an adjustable seat height - then it can be used for a longer time, adjusting to the height of the child.

● Ergonomic seat - with a special recess at the back, lateral support and a polished front. When sitting, the child will have to lean against the backrest and sit straight. The anatomical design will ensure that the blood vessels under the knees will not be compressed and blood circulation will not be disturbed.

● Rocking mechanism – optional, but good if you can rock yourself in the chair. And here's why. The orthopedic construction will make the child control the back all the time, and it is difficult to sit in this position for more than half an hour. It is necessary to allow the muscles to relax periodically. And without taking breaks, the child begins to instinctively rock to move. The rocking mechanism will allow you to make dynamic breaks and swing without fear of breaking something, and as a result, the chair will last longer.

● The upholstery material of the chair should be ecologically clean and without specific smells.

Pay attention!

● Every detail of the student chair should support the growing body, promote proper physical development and ensure comfortable learning without fatigue


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